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Sidsel is regarded as a result driven performer, delivering excellent end products. She is proactive, planning ahead and driving processes while keeping the overview. She chases opportunities when they arise and respond quickly to change.

She work efficiently and in a structured way, get the overview of the job task and geological framework before she gets a strategy in place for execution and results delivery.

Sidsel is able to motivate individuals and teams to deliver on the agreed strategy, and she thrives when she sees the team perform. As a leader Sidsel has a strong competitive instinct and work hard to deliver results together with the team.

Moreover, she has excellent communication and presentation skills. She is comfortable with presenting to large audiences, and Sidsel present to top management and the FORCE General Assembly on a regular basis. She knows how to put the geological story in place for a prospect, and how to communicate this to management in an efficient manner. Sidsel also uses different communication tools in her work, including collaboration solutions and social media for improved team performance.

The last few years, Sidsel has been mentoring less experienced staff in Noreco, Suncor and within the FORCE Structural Geology Group and has been part of growing younger staff. She, herself, is priveledged to be mentored by two leaders with extensive global experience from top management positions.

Org. No. 916 624 784


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