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Sidsel is leading a competence group for structural geologists within FORCE.

FORCE is a cooperation between 49 oil and gas companies in Norway, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and academia.

As Chairman for the Structural Geology Group, she is working with ca. 40 other company representatives, to increase awareness of structural geology on a local and regional scale, and to build general competence within structural geology on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

All this, in order to improve oil and gas exploration and production in Norway.

Sidsel has been Vice Chairman in the Structural Geology Group for two years, before she took the role as Chairman. She has had that role since December 2013.

In her role as leader for the FORCE Structural Geology Group, Sidsel was given the responsibility to develop and implement a strategy for the vision given by FORCE. The strategy has proven successful through a number of targeted conferences, seminars and field courses. Some of the key projects, responsibilities and results are listed below:

•   FORCE Regional Conference: Norway-Greenland Conjugate Margins, January 2013. Leading the Organising Committe of six members. I secured funding through sponsorships, and was responsible for budget delivery.  160 attendants and waiting lists. The success was promoted by NPD in the media to advertise for the FORCE cooperation.

•   FORCE Regional Conference: Underexplored Plays, April 2015. Leading a team of eight chosen members in the Organising Committee. This was a great success with waiting lists and an estimated participation of 180 people. Budget responsible. A lot of positive feedback has been received on both strategy and visions of the planning team, and NPD has requested another conference on the topic.

•   Organised the FORCE Field course in Structural Geology in Iceland, June 2015 with Agust Gudmundsson, Royal Holloway.  Initiator and budget responsible.

•   Initiating a course in Salt Tectonics, involving world renowned teachers. Responsible for establishing the planning team and follow up their progress.

•   Initiating Oslo Graben field course in structural geology for non-structural geologists and following up planning team. This was a success and will be repeated in 2016.

•   Initiating and driving forward the NORSALT Joint Industry Research Project Proposal on the structural development and salt tectonics of the Norwegian Barents Sea with Mark Rowan (Rowan Consulting), Chris Jackson (Imperial College) and Atle Rotevatn (University of Bergen).

Sidsel has over the years received very positive feedback from NPD and senior industry partners for her proactive role in FORCE.

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