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On this page, one can read through Sidsels full resomé with description of the job tasks and responsibilities she has had in the various positions with her previous employers.

M42 // GeoConsulting / Suncor Energy Norway, New Ventures: January 2016 to present

Senior Explorationist in a brilliant team working in a promising area of the NCS.

GEOkonsulentene / Suncor Energy Norway, New Ventures: November 2013 to December 2015

Trusted with the responsibility to represent Suncor in the FORCE organisation as Chairman for the Structural Geology Group.

As Senior Explorationist, part of her services to the client have been providing strong technical support to her team leader, growing into the role of being the trusted employee who delivers. She is actively involved in project delivery planning on a daily basis.

At the beginning of her contract she was made responsible for the delivery of the 23rd licensing Round Nomination document, and shortly after, she evaluated several farm in opportunities in short timeframes. She has also participated in a data room evaluation team for a potential acquisition of a development asset. She played a significant role in APA screening and was the main writer of an APA 2014 application, which was awarded a licence.

She was responsible for the evaluation all active exploration licenses in a region, identified high potential prospectivity and made a recommendation for strategic acquisition of licenses. On her initiative, the results of the license evaluations were organised in a user friendly interactive catalogue.

She has played a significant role in the regional Barents Sea 23rd Round integrated study and play analysis, using her previous experience, and have been responsible for the seismic mapping of all main horizons and faults in the region. Based on this, she has developed conceptual structural models of the entire Barents Sea including Russia with an external expert, which will result in a paper. Prospect maturation, identification and mitigation of key risks, integration of petroleum systems modelling, GeoTeric results, well data and development of depositional maps forms part of this major study.

Noreco Norway, Exploration Department: February 2010 to October 2013

In her position as Geologist and later Senior Geologist, she was key responsible for regional studies and prospect identification in Vøring Basin, Gjallar Ridge and Hel Graben in relation to the 21st Licensing Round.

She was main contributor to a regional structural study and play analysis on the Western Barents Sea in relation to the 22nd Licensing Round. The direct result of the regional study was the farm-in in the PL492 Gohta license, which later was successfuly drilled resulting in an oil discovery, and the development of an updated conceptual tectonic model for Western Barents Sea margin in cooperation with senior advisor. This tectonic model was presented on the FORCE Norway and East Greenland Conjugate Margins conference in January 2013 and involves redefinition of several basin structures.

She was responsible for following up partner-operated licences in the Norwegian Sea as EC representative, and later on in the Barents Sea licenses as EC and MC with budget responsibility. It was especially in the Barents Sea licenses that she established good cooperation with license partners, with focus on knowledge sharing and based on trust. Based on her work in this area she proposed a strategy to build a core area in part of the region, and throughy her positive results with the partners she was trusted to approach and establish an AMI with a chosen operator.

She was responsible for a farm-out and hosting dataroom projects, license and data room evaluations as well as strategic proposals for data trading. She was the license responsible geologist for partner-operated Juksa/Snurrevad and Gohta exploration wells. She initiated and was the main contributor to establishing and implementing the Noreco Procedure for Follow Up on Non-Operated Wells, which was made part of the Noreco HSE system.

Furthermore, she was priveleged to be involved in Quarterly Presentations and Investor Relations including providing advice to the communications team on exploration related matters.

Gaffney, Cline and Associates Pte. Ltd. in Singapore: February 2008 to September 2009

She worked as the geologist in an Independent Reserves Auditing team with reservoir engineers and finance experts, completing reserves certifications for e.g. Financial Markets, mainly focused on carbonate oil fields in Indonesia and Malaysia. Other responsibilities were maturing a major exploration license for farm-out offshore Myanmar, providing QA of the geological model for a tight gas development project onshore SE Australia and maturation of an exploration license onshore Kyrgyszstan. She was responsible for the static model building in Petrel for a field development in Phillipines. She obtained good business insight for the Asia-Pacific region in this role.

Maersk Oil, Denmark – Exploration: March 2007 to January 2008

Near field exploration in Danish North Sea through detailed seismic mapping of chalk markers using geophysical methods. Contributed to exploration well planning.

Maersk Oil, Denmark – Production & Developments: December 2004 to February 2007

Completed the Maersk Training Program, including courses in petrophysics, reservoir engineering, well operations, static model building, uncertainty and project management.

She worked in a multidiciplinary team on the Valdemar Field Development Project, optimising well placement to a structural understanding based on her work and updated the static model of the field in Petrel with new well information. Extensive experience with horizontal production well planning, ongoing operations and well site geology.

Org. No. 916 624 784


Project Management

Master of Science in Structural Geology, University of Copenhagen     

Master Thesis with Maersk Oil, based in the Exploration Department

Bachelor of Science, University of Copenhagen



2002 to 2006